Duties of Classroom Volunteers

Classroom Volunteers

LULAC Head Start is supported by a corps of dedicated volunteers who help in innumerable ways in achieving full child development. In addition to our parents, individuals come through our doors: early childhood education trainees and interns, community people, retired individuals who provide hours of support interacting with our children or engaging in clerical, maintenance, or policy and /or regulation support and meeting activities.  




 1. Mix supplies of clay dough.

 2. Make minor repairs to equipment.

 3. Build toy shelves.

 4. Write down a favorite recipe or words to a song.

 5. Locate music, clothing, everyday objects, or a

     work of art from their own culture.

 6. Save “beautiful junk” such as toilet paper and

     towel rolls, plastic bags, (for dirty clothes),

     meat trays, egg cartons, packing chips.

 7. Read books children bring home.

 8. Hang up children’s artwork.

 9. Talk with children about their day.

10. Help prepare for a special event (harvest feast,

      school picnic).

11. Write/edit a program newsletter.

12. Assist with fundraising activities.

13. Serve on parent policy/advisory board.

At Home or After Work

Individuals who regularly volunteer are required to have a current physical and tuberculin (TB) screening. Criminal background checks with the State Department of Public Health (DPH) are also mandated as well as complete an Authorization for Release of Information from DCF. The Policy Committee will be responsible for fees associated with criminal back ground checks for parent volunteers.

How LULAC Involves Parents, Grandparents, and Community Helpers as Volunteers