Workshops (informational session)

Open houses

One on One meeting with family advocates (as needed)


LULAC Head Start Inc. collaborates with the New Haven Public School Board of Education to assists in registering children for both magnet and public schools. Also, the program provides a copy of the child’s file for parents to bring to their assigned kindergarten school (if additional specific information is needed by kindergarten school, parents signs a release form for information to be shared). The family advocates support families throughout the process.


A child’s transitions from home to infant/toddler care, to a preschool classroom, and finally to public school are key experiences for the entire family. Ensuring smooth and effective transitions requires a plan (specific set of activities), shared resources, and the involvement of all (parents, teachers, support staff, and community agencies). Keep in mind that daily transitions from home to center and center to home are times to share important information that may affect a child’s behavior.

Our program supports your child’s transitions by creating an individual transition plan. The transition plan includes special needs assessments, visits to new settings, and gradual inductions to new classrooms (to avoid child’s anxiety). For children transitioning from Infant and Toddler to Preschool programs, staff transfers the child’s file after a review with the future teacher.

The Program provides a transition to kindergarten package that includes information about kindergarten transition and materials for child/parent literacy activities for home.

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