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Our LULAC staff is recognized and experienced early childhood professionals. They engage in problem-solving on a daily basis; they make decisions that affect the lives of children, parents, and our programs. Sometimes they may be faced with the need to take action on behalf of children, families, and early childhood education curriculum, instruction, and/or assessment.

 In order to make progress on their personal career path, LULAC Head Start encourages all staff to pursue their own personal “career ladder” through continuing education. We recruit professional staff with competencies and formal university preparation in early childhood education.  In addition, we encourage our own parents to volunteer in our programs and support the instruction and activities being carried out in our classrooms. As parents, become engaged in LULAC with their own children, they participate in training and eventually, become paid staff as substitutes and/or paraprofessionals.

 LULAC has developed its own professional development plan which is implemented for all staff throughout the year. The plan includes goals and objectives for professional growth in such areas as: identifying children’s educational needs, methods of child assessment across curriculum areas, curriculum implementation and effective instruction. Additional training is provided in first and second language acquisition, creativity, multiple intelligences, etc.  Staff is provided with opportunities to continue their studies to achieve degrees in and acquire their Connecticut teaching licenses in early childhood education. The State of Connecticut’s Department of Early Childhood Education provides scholarships for CDA and university training for which staff is encouraged to apply.

Listed below are resources for professional development and/or continuing education for LULAC staff:

​Staff Services AND RESOURCES

Professional Development Opportunities and Scholarships