• Educational Services for Homeless Children -                                        New Haven Home Recovery provides services to homeless children residing in local homeless shelters in New Haven. 203-492-4866


  • COMMUNITY KIDCARE -                                                      Provides diverse services to children with complex behavioral health needs. Clifford Beers Clinic, Gabrielle Hall at 203-777-8648 Ext 207

  • NEW HAVEN COLLABORATIVE FOR YOUTH -                          Emergency Mobile Psychiatric Services 1-888-979-6884

  • YALE CHILD STUDY CENTER -                                               Family Support Service, 203-785-6862                                      The Family Support Service section of the Yale Child Study Center delivers treatment services directly in the home of children coping with the problems and stresses associated with abuse, neglect, chronic or acute physical and mental illness, parental substance abuse, and/or homelessness, etc.              203-785-2513
  • CLIFFORD BEERS CLINIC CARE COORDINATION UNIT -        Provides intensive care management, advocacy and support for families with a child at risk of out of home placement due mental health issues.  203-777-8648 ghall@cliffordbeers.org

Mental Health Services

  • 2-1-1 Child Care Infoline -                                                          Child Care Infoline maintains listings on child care centers, family child care home and summer camp programs; also, parent resources and resources for professionals 1-800-505-1000 www.childcareinfoline.org

  • Read to Grow -                                                                      Provides a continuum of literacy related services to encourage reading. 203-488-6800 www.readtogrow.org

  • Connecticut Children’s Museum -                                          Provides play groups and story times/activities for young children including free children’s books.                                                   203-562-5437 www.childrensbuilding.org 

  • All Our Kin -                                                                           Provides Intensive Child Development and Family Support Program, Family Child Care Network 203-772-2294 www.allourkin.org

  • Care 4 Kids -                                                                               Helps to make child care affordable for low moderate income families in Connecticut. 1-888-214-5437 www.ctcare4kids.com

Early Childhood Resource Organizations

social services

  • HUSKY -                                                                                     (Healthcare for UninSured Kids and Youth) is Connecticut’s public health insurance program for children and teenagers under 19. 1-877-284-8759 http://www.ct.gov/dss/cwp/view.asp?a=2445&Q=327904&PM=1

  • NEW HAVEN HEALTH DEPARTMENT MATERNAL AND CHILD HEALTH DIVISION - Provides case management support for pregnant women and their children, Healthy Start, Pediatric Immunization Program, Bereavement Support 203-946-8187

  • HILL HEALTH CENTER -                                                    Provides dental, health, Well Child Care, immunizations, hearing and vision screening, etc. 203-503-3030

  • FAIR HAVEN COMMUNITY HEALTH CENTER -                        Provides pediatric care, pre-natal care. 203-777-7411

  • YALE LEAD PROGRAM -                                                     Provides comprehensive care to lead poisoned children and their families. 203-764-9106


  • YALE NEW HAVEN HOSPITAL PEDIATRIC DENTISTRY CENTER - Provides check-ups and diagnostic services. 203-688-3000

  • WIC FOR KIDS, WOMEN AND BABIES WIC                                  Stands for the Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants and Children. Sites:  Fair Haven Health Center 203-773-5007; Hill Health Center, 203-503-3081; Yale-New Haven Hospital 203-688-5150
  • FAMILY RESOURCE CENTER AT HILL CENTRAL SCHOOL -       Lysie Rodriguez, Site Coordinator provides comprehensive, integrated family support services in public school buildings. 203-5646 lysierodriguez@hotmail.com

  • COORDINATING COUNCIL FOR CHILDREN IN CRISIS -Parenting Support and Parent’s Rights Initiative 203-624-2600 Ext 315; Family Support Collaborative 203-624-2600 Ext. 316; Family Violence Program, 203-624-2600 Ext. 310  www.cccch.org

  • THE CONSULTATION CENTER -                                    Prevents child abuse and neglect through the teaching of child development and parenting skills. 203-789-7645 www.theconsultationcenter.org

  • GRANDPARENT RESPITE ACTIVITY SUPPORT -                   Provides respite (a break, time off)] to grandparents who are caregivers. 203-789-7645

  • GRANDPARENTS ON THE MOVE -                                            Is a support group for grandparents and other family caregivers 203-946-7444 carolynjackson@yahoo.com


Family Support

  • Birth To Three -                                                                           Is an early intervention program designed for children from birth to 36 months who are experiencing developmental delays. Services include home visits, therapies, parent support and health services. 800-505-7000 www.birth23.org

  • ECAT NHPS -                                                                            Early Childhood Assessment Team evaluates children ages 3-5 for intervention and/or additional educational services.               203-946-7020

  • HELP ME GROW -                                                                   Assists families in identifying developmental concerns, finding appropriate resources and connecting with programs and services. 1-800-505-7000 www.ct.gov/ctf

  • CONNECTICUT PARENT ADVOCACY CENTER, INC.[CPAC] provides information and support to parents of children with any disabilities or chronic illness ages birth through 26.    Tel. 203-776-3211www.cpacinc.org

  • NURTURING FAMILIES NETWORK -                                     Provides education and support for all interested new parents and intensive home visiting services for parents identified as most at risk. 203-688-5996 www.ct.gov/ctf

Special Needs and Family Support

LULAC Head Start Inc. collaborates with several social service agencies and/or organizations in our community including, but not limited to:

  • CLIFFORD BEERS CLINIC -                 THE CATCH PROJECT assists families who are affected by sexual abuse or family violence; supports families in recovery from the impact of trauma. 203-772-1270 Ext. 268   

Domestic Violence