Conducted within 90 days of child’s enrollment by a local Pediatric Dentist. Primary pediatric oral health care is best delivered in a "dental home" where competent oral health care practitioners provide continuous and comprehensive services. Per Early Periodic Screening Diagnosis Treatment (EPSDT) standards it is recommended that a dental home should be established at a young age (i.e., by 12 months or when the first tooth emerges). EPSDT standards also recommend a dental exam with prophylaxis and fluoride application every 6 months. Every child entering a program needs to have current dental exam and bring an updated dental exam every 6 months. The onsite dental exam can be waived if the parent chooses to complete the exam with their child’s primary dentist.

Ages and Stages Social Emotional Questionnaire (ASQSE). Parent input is required.

Ages and Stages Questionnaire (ASQ)- Parent input is required.

Vision and Hearing.

LULAC is committed to:

  • ​Identifying any social, emotional, and behavioral development issues as early as possible.
  • Using high quality screening tools that have adequate sensitivity.
  • Using an integrated screening system that involves staff, parents, pediatricians, health and mental health consultants and local services leading children to the appropriate next steps.

LULAC Head Start staff screens every child enrolled to identify and understand the child’s overall individual needs as well as to identify disabilities and other special needs. Through these screenings, staff are able to prevent a delayed development and intervene early enough to produce an appropriate development. The screenings also assist with the comprehensive services that will be provided to the child and the parents.