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The safety of your child is very important. As parents, guardians and care givers we do all we can to protect our children. Here are a few tips to keep the children we care about safe from harm’s way.


Parents need information on group care for their infants, toddlers, and preschoolers. These tip sheets and parent cards inform families on what to expect from caregivers of children 2 months through 4 years of age. The tip sheets also include questions parents can ask their health care provider.
This set of eight tip sheets and parent cards were adapted from Bright Futures guidelines. They are divided into developmental stages and designed to help families promote the health and well-being of their children. The resources offer information on what to expect in group care, including topics such as social development, safety, eating, and physical activity.

"Are your kids safe at home? Keeping your kids safe is important and most parents take the time to childproof their homes. But are your kids as safe as they could be? Take our quiz to see if you are a home safety expert."

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If you have to wonder what your child is watching on television, there's a way find out and to control your child's TV viewing habits. The TV Parental Guidelines was created to help parents choose programs that are right for children. Get tips and more in this guide from the American Academy of Pediatrics.

Child Passenger Safety Laws in Connecticut

LAW:Infants must remain rear-facing until they are a minimum of both 20 pounds and one year old.

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