LULAC offers full day and part day services for pre-school age children. Individual needs are met, with special attention to areas of concern. Outdoor play year-round is a part of the overall program.

The components of language, culture, life experiences, family, and community are an active part of the child and parent’s growth and development. Learning experiences are designed to develop children’s self-esteem, social skills and positive feelings toward learning.

An alignment of The Creative Curriculum, the Pre-school Connecticut Framework and Head Start Framework are used as the foundation of all classrooms learning experiences.

LULAC uses the Creative Curriculum for Infants, Toddlers and Two’s as a guide to ensure quality of age appropriate care and also the Connecticut Early Learning Guidelines to help parents understand their baby’s development.

Options:Full Day/Full Year
Offers:Breakfast, Lunch and Snack (no extra charge)

Ratio:4 children to 1 teacher. Class size: 8 children, two groups of 4 children
Ages:Up to 3 years old


​​​Center Based Infant and Toddler Program

Program Options

Options:Part Day/Full Year and Full Day/Full Year
Offers:Breakfast, Lunch and Snack (no extra charge)

Ratios:10 children to 1 teacher. Class size: 20 children
Ages:3 and 4 years old

 Center Based Pre-school Program

LULAC provides a warm, loving and safe environment. All interactions are gentle and supportive. Babies are held and given a variety of learning experiences. The schedule of the children varies according to each child’s needs. The babies are fed when hungry and nap when tired.

Staff fosters independence for your child. From a crawl to a waddling walk they are off and running to newfound independence. Children have opportunities to play and explore. Age appropriate toys are provided. As they grow, teachers introduce routines that involve language, small and large motor experiences as well as music, stories and art.

The program uses an age-appropriate program to serve infants, toddlers and preschool age children by offering a variety of alternatives.

All three LULAC sites are center based and accredited by NAEYC.

 The centers serve infants and toddlers as well as preschoolers in inclusive age appropriate classroom settings. LULAC’s centers have an open design and much outdoor play space. The buildings were designed specifically for young children and the teachers who serve them. There is a sliding fee scale for all full day programs, New Haven residents have priority.