• Approval of grant applications
  • Review and acceptance of monthly budgets
  • Approval of recommendations for staffing of programs
  • Approval of service plans
  • Participation in the annual self-assessment
  • Planning for staff recognition
  • Assisting with recruitment of children

Responsibilities of the Policy Council includes, but is not limited to:

The Policy Council is the decision making body for LULAC Head Start. It is comprised of parent and community representatives. 51% of the members are parents of children enrolled in the program. Community members are recommended by parents and staff and their names are submitted for Policy Council approval.

The Council functions according to its established BY-LAWS and the meetings are held monthly. Members decide the meeting dates and times each year. Child Care is reimbursed and transportation arrangements are made if needed. The Policy Council has the responsibility to approve/disapprove practices and policies related with the overall operation of LULAC Head Start Inc.

All classroom parents are members of the Classroom Committee. This committee meets once a month to assist teachers with the curriculum and lesson planning in addition to different activities that parents would like to see happen in their classroom. Trainings may also take place at the monthly meetings.

Classroom Committee

Research shows parent involvement supports a child’s success in school. You are your child’s first teacher. The Head Start or the School Readiness Program may be your child’s first school experience and we invite you to continue supporting your child’s learning in the following ways:

  • Volunteering in the classroom 
  • Participating in center parent meetings and workshops
  • Serving on the Education/Disabilities, Heath and Nutrition, or Social Services Advisory Committees
  • Serving on the Policy Council
  • Joining and planning activities with the Male Involvement Initiative
  • Planning classroom activities
  • Driving your child to center and community child activities
  • Encouraging learning and exploring at home

Parent Involvement 

We use the terms parents and families to mean those people who are primarily responsible for their children under LULAC’s care, whoever they are: parents, stepparents, grandparents, cousins, guardians, foster families, or other household members.

 At LULAC Head Start Inc. we find meaningful ways to involve parents and families. We gently urge parents gradually to become more involved as they feel comfortable and see how much it means to them and to their children to be an active partner in their child’s education.  In our programs, parents are decision makers, staff, and volunteers. Whatever parents do, their efforts add to the continuity between home and our programs. We always work in partnership with parents and families to foster children’s development.  Together, we will assess children’s strengths, needs, and interests; plan their experiences; and make decisions that influence how programs unfold throughout the year. As early childhood educators, we play a very special role in the lives of families. We get to see the children’s parents daily, sometimes twice a day. We celebrate happy occasions with families and cry with them at difficult times. We also view our role as a support for parents in enabling them to continue their own education or to earn a living.

Parent and Family engagement

Policy Council (Only elected members have voting capacity)