To celebrate 52 years of Head Start, LULAC invited community leaders and members to come to our various sites and read a book to the children. A community reading party kicked off the celebration just weeks after the Week of the Young Child, where children received a free book to add to their personal library. We were honored to receive different members of the community that support early childhood education and development. LULAC thanks members from the Board of Directors, Chabaso Bakery, New Haven Police Department and other community members who participated in the reading party.

On February 8, 2017, LULAC will officially open an infant and toddler room in the East Haven Early Learning Center, 54 Gerrish Avenue. This is the first Early Head Start program to be centered in the East Haven School District.

The LULAC Early Head Start Program is currently providing eight (8) enrollment slots for infants and toddlers for parents seeking support and assistance for their family. The program allows children from 6 weeks to 3 years-of-age to attend a structured program that develops health, safety, education, and community services to the children it serves. By providing a classroom that accents the child's ability to grow through play, LULAC has been showcased as a model program that has been seen as one of the gold standards of early learning and child development. As our partner, LULAC, in conjunction with our families and the community at large, will work collaboratively to develop not only the child, but the parents/guardians and even grandparents as well.

The program was initiated through discussions with Superintendent Dr. Portia Bonner, Assistant Superintendent, Erica Forti, and the LULAC staff. Together, with the East Haven Board of Education, their shared purpose continues to be the development of those educational tools that so many of our children need. Over time, the shared hope is that the development of a strong, early education intervention will provide our most precious citizens the foundation to build life-long learning.

From: East Haven Patch

By:  Joe Ferraiolo 



LULAC in the Community

Lizzy Rockwell is an author and illustrator. Recently, she braced LULAC preschool children with her presence. Her visit helped to inspire and motivate the children to read more, write more and learn more.

The excitement surrounding her visit enabled the children to foster a love of reading and validated their love of drawing. From her miraculous drawings to her phenomenal sketches, we learned the steps that go into making a book! Her visit brung life to the idea that authors and illustrators can be anyone with a creative imagination and a story to tell.

LULAC support's community events and also goes out to recruit families in need of child care and development. One of LULAC's goals is to engage the community and get involved in different activities.

With the Wilson Branch Library being of walking distance from the Fay Miller site, the teachers and children take many field trips throughout the year to visit the library, read books and talk about them during their circle time. Our children love to read and love books, it was only right to join in the celebration.

Mayor Harp had wonderful words to share about the library and their services to the community. She also took some time to read to the children and take some pictures. It’s beautiful to see community figures share time with the future leaders of our community.

Mayor Harp and Evelyn Leon, Family Advocate at FMC, snap a picture during the Hill Pop-Up Festival on June 10, 2017.

LULAC Retirees 

Children's Author encourages LULAC to read more.

The East Haven School System is pleased to announce a joint partnership with the New Haven LULAC Early Head Start program. 

East Haven and LULAC to open EHS Classroom

After over 30 years of combined service, Ms. Neyda and Ms. Linda leave LULAC HS.

Ms. Neyda, pictured below on the left), has been a valued employee for 20 years, serving as a Head Teacher in preschool. We are very much grateful for all her hard work and dedication to the program and the children.

Ms. Linda, (pictured below on the right), has been a part of the LULAC family for over 10 years, also serving as a Head Teach in preschool. We are equally grateful for her dedication to LULAC and the families served.

The Courtland S. Wilson Library celebrated their 10th Anniversary on Thursday, September 15, 2016. LULAC has a great relationship with the Wilson Branch Library and attended the event to join in the celebration. Children from Fay Miller Center’s Room 2 showed their enthusiasm in attendance of the event.

This initiative was a way to advocate on behalf of Head Start and Early Childhood Education. LULAC's goal was to raise awareness on the importance of young minds being enrolled in programs like ours, that shape and mold the future of children in New Haven and East Haven. A program like Head Start has thrived through out the years because of the amount of good it's doing to children, families and the communities across the United States.

head start's birthday

LULAC invites the community for a Reading Party.