LULAC launched it's first annual community fair on August 4th, 2018. The fair was of free admission with free food, games, activities and prizes. Though forced to host the event indoors due to the rain, the fair still went on without a glitch. Children and families participated in face painting, bean bag toss game, went fishing, did Zumba and raced across the finish line in the potato sack race. There were balloon animals, cotton candy, popcorn and cups flipping everywhere in the cup game challenge.

The New Haven Pizza Truck and Tacos Santa Ines delivered delicious food for everyone to enjoy. The DJ pumped music through the hallways and children danced to the beat. Community vendors sponsored a table to share information and resources. LULAC opened its doors to the community to give back to the families we serve and welcome new families as we continue to enroll preschool slots over the summer and early fall. 

LULAC becomes it's own grantee for the second time, and has been awarded the   New Haven Head Start Grant. After much success with the Child Care Partnership Grant, LULAC saw an opportunity to become its own grantee for Head Start . LULAC will use this opportunity to elaborate on it's vision for early childhood education and the families that we serve in the New Haven community. LULAC is excited to have the opportunity to represent Head Start & New Haven in accepting the opportunity to be become it's own grantee. 

LULAC in the Community


The National Head Start Association's Fall Leadership Conference hosted at Washington D.C. called for parents to rally for Head Start. Over 1000 parents from across the nation traveled to Capitol Hill on Wednesday the 27th of September to attend the Head Start Rally and meet with various members of legislation to share their experience with Head Start and how it's benefited their lives.

LULAC's Policy Council President, Gayle Stanley, and Policy Council Member and East Haven representative, Alyssa Gargiulo, shared the impact Head Start has had in their lives. Meeting with State Senators and Congressmen provided an opportunity for families to express their concerns with budget cuts and the need for an increase in funding to support the staffing crisis all Head Start programs are facing. Side by side with LULAC Head Start were CRT from the Hartford Area, and programs from East Hartford, Stamford and New London. 

The parents and providers all felt the support that legislation in Connecticut have for early childhood education. We left confident knowing that our state officials agreed with our requests and that they would be relaying the message to congress.

for her leadership and instruction in the classroom in early childhood education.

Mayor Harp and Evelyn Leon, Family Advocate at FMC, snap a picture during the Hill Pop-Up Festival on June 10, 2017.

LULAC Retirees 

Congratulations LULAC!

After over 30 years of combined service, Ms. Neyda and Ms. Linda leave LULAC HS.

Ms. Neyda, pictured below on the left), has been a valued employee for 20 years, serving as a Head Teacher in preschool. We are very much grateful for all her hard work and dedication to the program and the children.

Ms. Linda, (pictured below on the right), has been a part of the LULAC family for over 10 years, also serving as a Head Teach in preschool. We are equally grateful for her dedication to LULAC and the families served.

This initiative was a way to advocate on behalf of Head Start and Early Childhood Education. LULAC's goal was to raise awareness on the importance of young minds being enrolled in programs like ours, that shape and mold the future of children in New Haven and East Haven. A program like Head Start has thrived through out the years because of the amount of good it's doing to children, families and the communities across the United States.

LULAC's 1st Annual Community Fair

head start's birthday

LULAC invites the community for a Reading Party.


To celebrate 52 years of Head Start, LULAC invited community leaders and members to come to our various sites and read a book to the children. A community reading party kicked off the celebration just weeks after the Week of the Young Child, where children received a free book to add to their personal library. We were honored to receive different members of the community that support early childhood education and development. LULAC thanks members from the Board of Directors, Chabaso Bakery, New Haven Police Department and other community members who participated in the reading party.

One of LULAC's own is recognized as

LULAC support's community events and also goes out to recruit families in need of child care and development. One of LULAC's goals is to engage the community and get involved in different activities.