Education and Disability


Managers, Coaches and Teachers are trained and qualified to educate and bring out the best of all the children we serve. Staff members dedicate their efforts, time and love to the child’s development to prepare them from infants to toddlers to preschool to kindergarten and life.

While Teachers and Advocates hold

the front line, the Administrative

staff work the background to

guarantee quality service.

Compliance, operations, finance,

human resources, admin and maintenance work as a well-oiled machine to promise quality service at its best. LULAC’s workforce comes together to deliver on its motto

to develop children, families and community for life.

Health Advocates and consultants ensure the health and safety of all the children served through the program. From immunizations, physicals, vision, hearing, dental and plans of care to the furniture stationed in every classroom, the Health and Safety Team works to make sure that each child is healthy and in a safe environment.

Family Community Partnership

In keeping with the mission and vision of LULAC, we want to promote and support families of young children. LULAC’s responsibility to the community is to enrich the future by impacting and engaging the present. LULAC provides diversified areas of service to complete the full package of a child’s development.

AREAS of work

The process to acceptance can be overwhelming, but Team LULAC delivers peace and comfort during the process. LULAC follows federal and state guidelines for the selection of the children we serve. Discrimination is considered a “no-no” word in the LULAC culture, as we consider all candidates no matter the demographic. 

Eligibility, Recruitment, Selection, Enrollment, and Attendance (ERSEA)

Family Advocates and managers pursue parent and community involvement by agreeing to partnerships. As partners, LULAC, Families and the Community work together as a team to develop not only the child, but the parents/guardians and even grandparents as well. Goals are set and limits are pushed to achieve success.

Health and Safety