Supporting healthy growth and development

Thank you for being a part of the Help Me Grow (HMG) Campaign and joining with us to support the healthy growth and development of Connecticut’s children.

Your participation in the HMG Campaign will be essential to its success. This quick messaging guide is intended to ensure that, as we talk with parents and professionals about HMG, we can all be “on the same page” about our goals and activities.

The Help Me Grow Campaign is a statewide public awareness and outreach campaign designed to increase awareness of the need for universal developmental screening and connecting children who are at-risk to supports and services. By increasing the number of children screened annually, we hope to increase the number of children who get the help they need as early as possible.

​What is the Help Me Grow Campaign?

What is “developmental screening?”

Developmental screening is the use of a formal “screening tool” to identify children who may be at-risk for develop-mental and/or behavioral problems. Screening periodically “keeps an eye on” the development of children from birth to 5 years of age—a critical time in preparing them for success in school and life. If screening isn’t available to parents through their physicians or early care and education providers, Help Me Grow can sign them up to receive Ages & Stages Questionnaires® Third Edition (ASQ-3™), to screen their children at home. We send questionnaires to parents every few months until the children are 51/2 years old. By answering a few simple questions, parents can establish an accurate record of their children’s development.

Our care coordinators review the questionnaires and contact parents with information about their children’s development. Developmental information is an important part of children’s medical records. With parents’ written permission, HMG will send screening results to physicians.

Is developmental screeningimportant?

Experts believe it should be universal, like vision, hearing or dental screenings. Screening can be critical in identifying small behavioral or learning issues before they turn into bigger problems. 

In fact, studies show that, without developmental screening using a formal tool, 70–80% of children who need help may not receive it.

Is Help Me Grow FREE?

HMG and ASQ-3™ questionnaires are FREE and completely confidential.


Community Cafe

The community cafes held at LULAC's Fay Miller Center and Mill River Center were a complete success. An event where families from the program and families from the community came together and chatted about different parenting techniques that help families grow stronger and united. Families enjoyed the discussions held at the cafes and the prizes that were given away; and let's not mention how good the food was...All in all, the community cafes was a great time.