LULAC Family Workers participate in regular home visits and conferences with our individual families.  In these home visits and conferences, our Family Workers interview the families and try to identify the home situation, the family needs, and the parents’ goals. Family Workers provide resources of information for our families. They help our parents in defining long term goals and short term objectives to achieve what they want as parents and leaders of their family.

When we talk with children’s families in our community, we learn more about what they hope for their children. They want their children:

  1. To have a healthy self-concept and self-esteem

  2. To be confident as learners.

  3. To be curious and eager to learn.

  4. To regulate their behavior in relation to the situation.

  5. To build caring relationships with other people.

  6. To have a positive sense of their own identity.

  7. To feel secure.

  8. To cooperate with teachers and other children, and

  9. To trust others.

LULAC Head Start works in partnership with families within our community. Together, we assess children’s strengths, needs, and interests; we plan their experiences; and make decisions that influence how our programs unfold from day to day, month to month, and year to year.

 We use the terms parents and families to mean those people who are primarily responsible for their children in our care, whoever they are—parents, stepparents, grandparents, cousins, guardians, foster families, or other household members.

In the goal setting process and experience, the parent has the opportunity to set goals for their lives as well. Fueling the family aspect of setting goals, which includes goals for both the child and the parent.

family goal setting