We are committed to continue to:

 Offer developmentally, culturally, linguistically, and age appropriate inclusive child        

   development services.

 Incorporate the goals and strategies written in a child’s IEP, IFSP plan as well as individual

   action plans for children without formal plans within delivery of services.

 Be flexible in using accommodations and adaptations that will allow integration of children of

   varying abilities.

 Open our doors to specialized services available in a way that is appropriate and convenient,

   by bringing services to children rather than transporting children to services.

 Help parents to understand and navigate the complex system of services for their children

   with disabilities.

 Make special efforts to avoid disruption of services, especially at times of transition from early

   intervention programs to pre-school, and pre-school to kindergarten.

 Involve parents in service planning, including participation in developing IEP and IFSP’s,

   Section 504 plans and informal individual plans to foster a smooth transition to kindergarten.

 Formalize agreements between LULAC and Birth to Three and the Local Education Agency and

   the Department of Education to promote co-ownership of responsibility for meeting children’s


LULAC is an inclusive program. We provide a welcoming environment and include all children, regardless of their abilities. We are strong advocates for The Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA), which ensures that all children with disabilities, under IDEA Part B, and IDEA Part C, receive early-intervention services.

LULAC’s facilities, including classrooms and playgrounds, are accessible to children with 12

varied disabilities. Staff facilitates the inclusion and promotion of imaginative, interactive, dramatic social play between children of all abilities and developmental stages. Staff provides children with diverse opportunities to be creative, to learn, and to grow, encouraging collaboration that is safe, fun and educational.

Staff follows through with activities and interactions recommended by other professionals. Staff encourages parents to be frequently involved in sharing information, setting goals and giving feedback about how the services are working.

Services for Children with Disabilities

Services such as speech/language therapy, education therapy, physical therapy, and occupational therapy, are provided on site or, if needed, arranged at another educational or social service agency. All staff assists in the recruitment, identification, and evaluation of special needs children. Information, training and support to parents of children with special needs are provided by staff members and our community partners.