The Diaper Bank (TDB) centralizes the fundraising and distribution of free diapers to poor families through existing service providers, including local food pantries, soup kitchens, daycare centers, social service agencies and shelters. Through its extensive Diaper Distribution Network (DDN) of 66 agencies, TDB provides free diapers to poor and low-income families in New Haven, Bridgeport, Hartford, and Middlesex County. The Diaper Bank has been a partner of LULAC for years as a distributor of diapers at our centers. Because of their assistance, LULAC is able to provide diapers throughout the day during service hours.

The mission of the New Haven Free Public Library is to ensure all New Haven’s citizens have full and unlimited access to information and knowledge so that they may meet the needs of daily living, have opportunities for self-education, and participate successfully in self-government. In partnering with LULAC Head Start, our children have the opportunity to expand their minds and assist in their developmental process through books and activities at the New Haven Free Public Library.

Major Funders

LULAC Head Start has developed several relationships and partnerships with a diverse list of organizations within the wonderful City of New Haven. These relationships are built on the focus of enhancing the services that LULAC already provides to the families served. With the collaborative efforts from our partners, we ensure the development of our community and a head start for our families.

Bellow we've highlighted some of the partners that are currently engaged on a project with LULAC:

LULAC Head Start Inc. began a relationship back in 2010 with the Department of Children and Families (DCF) after noticing that each organization served the same community and the same families. A partnership was therefore developed between LULAC and DCF as it only made sense to partner up and not replicate the services, but work together in efficiency to provide the best for the families in the community.

The lines of divided work are closely transparent as both LULAC and DCF work hand in hand to provide an emphasis on the development of the family. The purpose of the partnership is not to duplicate the work but create a support system for the family to better themselves from the level of the child to the level of the parent.

LULAC and DCF target the New Haven children and families that are jointly served. The goal is to better the coordination, collaboration and alignment of services provided to New Haven Head Start and Early Head Start families involved in the Child Welfare System, better known as DCF. 

community partners

Yale-New Haven Hospital’s Pediatric Dental Center places high priority on LULAC children’s total health care because maintaining good oral health is important to the general health and well-being of the children we serve. Partnering with the Pediatric Dental Center at Yale provides us with the opportunity to educate parents on the importance of good oral hygiene in order to keep children free from dental/oral disease and to intercede with comprehensive restorative care (fillings, crowns, extractions) when our child's dental status is compromised. They focus on prevention, early detection and treatment of dental disease, and keep current on the latest advances in dentistry for children. For more information on children's dental health, visit the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry.