MRC Room 4 – Little Lions and Giraffe

U.S. Rep. Rosa DeLauro heard about how even babies can need help with their mental health—and she promised to find money to make that happen.

DeLauro (at right in photo) discussed gaps and strengths in available infant health programs during a Tuesday afternoon “roundtable” discussion at LULAC Head Start center on Cedar Street.

May 2015

LULAC officiates our site located at Polly T. McCabe in support of Teen Parents and Pregnant Teens in the New Haven Public School system.

Representatives from the state and federal government joined LULAC's CEO in presenting the "Proud Partnership Site" plaque to  Polly T. McCabe's principal, after touring the new classrooms and discussing the achievements in the partnership.

After several months of coordination and hard work, two classrooms were finally licensed and opened for business. Both Dr. Carberry and Magdalena knew the type of service this partnership would bring for the teen parents who need quality child care as they continue their studies to graduate. The goal is to

Sun Safety Booth at LULAC

Help us raise awareness!

If you are a knitter or crafter, please take time to create a purple colored baby cap that will be given to parents in the month of November and December to remind them of the Period of PURPLE Crying. You can drop off the baby caps at any of our centers.

September 2015

LULAC Head Start is participating in the CLICK for Babies Campaign to help raise awareness against crying infants. A baby will enter a period of time called PURPLE Crying, in which the child goes through this period of increased crying. The campaign helps parents realize that the crying is normal during that period and to not let the frustration result in hurting the baby.

With hot summer days upon us, one can never be too careful with the harming effects of the sun. Excessive exposure to the sun has been a leading contributor to skin cancer.

LULAC decided to take action by partnering up with UCLA and Neutrogena  to participate in their Skin Cancer Prevention Program for Head Start and Early Head Start Families with the intent to raise awareness about sun exposure and skin health in children and families. Families would participate in a survey and receive a training in Sun Safety along with a free sun block sponsored by Neutrogena.

With the Wilson Branch Library being of walking distance from the Fay Miller site, the teachers and children take many field trips throughout the year to visit the library, read books and talk about them during their circle time. Our children love to read and love books, it was only right to join in the celebration.

Mayor Harp had wonderful words to share about the library and their services to the community. She also took some time to read to the children and take some pictures. It’s beautiful to see community figures share time with the future leaders of our community.

continue raising the graduation rate and have teen parents proceed to higher education or a career path, meanwhile developing the children to ensure the entire family is provided an opportunity for success. This partnership has opened many doors. Both LULAC and Polly T. McCabe are excited to embark on this journey.

September 2015

East Haven and LULAC to open EHS Classroom

The Courtland S. Wilson Library celebrated their 10th Anniversary on Thursday, September 15, 2016. LULAC has a great relationship with the Wilson Branch Library and attended the event to join in the celebration. Children from Fay Miller Center’s Room 2 showed their enthusiasm in attendance of the event.

If you happen to see a giant hole on LULAC grounds, don’t be afraid. LULAC has partnered with the Urban Resource Initiative (URI), with efforts from the Program and Community Partnership Managers, to plant shade bearing trees at our Fay Miller site. The Boys and Girls Club of New Haven is collaborating with URI to create community green spaces in the city of New Haven. On July 30th, Fay Miller was decorated with a lovely White Oak, a "Red Sunset" Maple, and a Little Leaf Linden tree planted out front; which within 3 years, each tree will grow large enough to provide cooling shade.

The kids from the Boys and Girls Club did an excellent job, but the work was to great for them. LULAC had to call in reinforcements. We had a few male parent volunteers help out with the digging piece and even a couple of male staff members put in some elbow grease to ensure the successful planting of these trees. LULAC children loved listening about planting and the natural world. Due to safety precautions, the smaller children were not able to help with the project, however, teachers built into their lesson plans a teachable moment about forestry. Families are amazed with the beauty bestowed upon LULAC.

August 2015

With open enrollment around the corner, LULAC Head Start prepares for the large transition that is to come. Important dates, events and instructions can be found on the New Haven Public Schools of Choice website.

LULAC will also host a fair at Fay Miller Center on the Blue Line. Schools and community resources are invited to attend to share information with families about their services and programs. Families are encouraged to stop by between the hours of 4 to 5:30 PM on February 25, 2016. A representative from NHPS will also be available that day to register children into Kindergarten at 12 PM and later at 5 PM.

February 2016

(Round Table hosted at LULAC)

FMC Room B Infant/Toddler Animal Masks

On October the 1st, LULAC will host a group of graduate students from Yale School of Nursing, a visit that occurs once every year. The students are informed about the Head Start and child care models used at LULAC, followed there by classroom observations.

Students take this opportunity to learn the ways children socially and emotionally develop amongst there peers.

In the past, LULAC has also received visits from Yale undergraduates to observe children and teachers in action. The professor of "Child Care, Society and Public Policy" had this to say about the program, "Visits to your program are always such a treat and really illuminate the students' understanding of what quality care looks like in practice."

LULAC is honored to serve the community and raising professionals in any way possible to ensure a brighter future for the children and families we serve. (more pics)

October 2015

Creativity and art was promoted during the entire week as children created figurines out of clay, play dough, made masks of various animals and even hosted a petting zoo of their favorite animals (please note, they were stuffed animals).

At the Mill River Center, staff created a booth and posted information about sun safety. The Sun Safety Booth was displayed all week for families to read up on the importance of protecting one self and children from too much exposure to the sun.

At the end of the week, Health Advocates provided a quick info session on sun safety while distributing pamphlets and sun block to families who filled out a survey. The surveys would serve for data collection to ensure families were informed on the effects of too much sun and the importance of sun protection. The first two families to participate at the booth received a nice gift basket for summer fun at the beach.

July 2016

The East Haven School System is pleased to announce a joint partnership with the New Haven LULAC Early Head Start program. 

FMC Room 3 Animal Mask

To end the festivities, Room 2 from the Fay Miller Site led an elephant parade that stretched across the entire site (pictured below). Spreading cheer with whomever they came in contact with.

FMC Room B Mask Making


The White House honors LULAC Head Start with the Bright Spot in Hispanic Education

From left to right: Marina Winkler (Office of Head Start) Eva Hoffman (Office of Head Start) Rachel Shumacher (D.C. Office of Child Care) Dr. Belinda Carberry (Polly T. McCabe) Magdalena Rosales-Alban (LULAC Head Start Inc.) Commissioner Myra Jones-Taylor (CT Office of Early Childhood)

LULAC's Kindergarten Kickoff Fair

MRC Room E - Animal Shaped             

Play Dough

Children's Author encourages LULAC to read more.

Infant Mental Health On DeLauro’s Radar

YALE Students Visit LULAC

LULAC celebrates our first Kindergarten Fair at Fay Miller Center, where close to 50 families where in attendance and a whopping 88 families registered their children into Kindergarten.

The fair included an expo forum where schools from New Haven were able to set up booths to share information and resources to help families make an inform decision as to which school to send their soon to be Kindergartner. The following schools were in attandance:

  1. Achievement first (amistad and elm city)
  2. booker t. washington
  3. king robinson inter-district magnet
  4. wilson branch new haven library

The Kickoff Fair also gave out the "red hat" by Lita Judge, a book donated by Read to Grow of Branford, CT. There was a corner for faice painting by one of LULAC's talented staff and a photo booth to take your picture with Elmo. The first 30 families to arrive received a goody bag filled with fun activities and knick knacks. 

Many of the parents enjoyed the activities and gathering vital information from the schools that attended. The schools in attendance asked to be invited next year. LULAC hopes to have the Kindergarten Fair become an annual event to ensure all children have an opportunity to get into a quality school that fits their needs.

volunteer came in to room 7 PM at Fay Miller Center (pictured above) to read the book dedicated to the WOYC “Animal Amigos!” The children showed great interest in the different artistic animals depicted in the book. 

LULAC is amazed with the amount of parent participation in this years Health Improvement Workshop. Parents were provided with a tool to keep their minds leveled when their child gets sick. With so many gifts and prizes, everyone left a winner as we continue to improve the development of our children, families and community.

July 2015

LULAC kick started the Week of the Young Child with much enthusiasm and involvement from families. Our teaching team devised a plan to keep children and families actively participating every day during the week to help promote literacy. Each classroom chose a day and an activity to host to get children and families involved. Some went the extra mile and hosted an activity every day. From yoga to soccer and even animal pancakes, LULAC created an animal friendly environment that promoted friendship and creativity to the maximum.

Week of the Young Child 2016

LULAC site at Polly T. McCabe for Teen Parents and Pregnant Teens

LULAC Head Start Inc. is proud to announce that we are now endorsed by the U.S. Department of Education as a Bright Spot in Hispanic Education (Bright Spot).

The White House Initiative on Educational Excellence for Hispanics recognizes programs, models, organizations, or initiatives that target, address, and/or invest in key education priorities for Hispanics helping to close the achievement gap. The Initiative was established in 1990 to address the educational disparities faced by the Hispanic community. As a Bright Spot, LULAC, will be part of a national online catalog that includes over 230 programs that invest in key education priorities for Hispanics (

Director Quote from Executive Director Alejandra Ceja: “There has been notable progress in Hispanic educational achievement, and it is due to the efforts of these Bright Spots in Hispanic Education,  programs and organizations working throughout the country to help Hispanic students reach their full potential," said Ceja.

Here are some of our achievements that elevate LULAC and its intergenerational approach to be one of just three Bright Spots in the state of CT:

  • Established measurable goals to evaluate effectiveness and demonstrate an evidence-based approach.
  • Serving the Hispanic community as a high quality Early Learning center.
  • Recruit and develop Latino teachers.
  • Engage the Spanish elderly population by involving grandparents in the education process of the child’s development
  • Engage immigrant families and educate them in child care, child development, community services, resources and English language acquisition.

Read the featured story on the New Haven Register.

September 2015

The children later created their own versions of animals based on what they saw in the book and displayed it in an art gallery all over the centers.

Lizzy Rockwell is an author and illustrator. Recently, she braced LULAC preschool children with her presence. Her visit helped to inspire and motivate the children to read more, write more and learn more.

The excitement surrounding her visit enabled the children to foster a love of reading and validated their love of drawing. From her miraculous drawings to her phenomenal sketches, we learned the steps that go into making a book! Her visit brung life to the idea that authors and illustrators can be anyone with a creative imagination and a story to tell.

FMC Room 7PM Lion Pancakes

On February 8, 2017, LULAC will officially open an infant and toddler room in the East Haven Early Learning Center, 54 Gerrish Avenue. This is the first Early Head Start program to be centered in the East Haven School District.

The LULAC Early Head Start Program is currently providing eight (8) enrollment slots for infants and toddlers for parents seeking support and assistance for their family. The program allows children from 6 weeks to 3 years-of-age to attend a structured program that develops health, safety, education, and community services to the children it serves. By providing a classroom that accents the child's ability to grow through play, LULAC has been showcased as a model program that has been seen as one of the gold standards of early learning and child development. As our partner, LULAC, in conjunction with our families and the community at large, will work collaboratively to develop not only the child, but the parents/guardians and even grandparents as well.

The program was initiated through discussions with Superintendent Dr. Portia Bonner, Assistant Superintendent, Erica Forti, and the LULAC staff. Together, with the East Haven Board of Education, their shared purpose continues to be the development of those educational tools that so many of our children need. Over time, the shared hope is that the development of a strong, early education intervention will provide our most precious citizens the foundation to build life-long learning.

From: East Haven Patch

By:  Joe Ferraiolo 


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URI & Boys and Girls Club Plant Trees @ LULAC