LULAC Head Start Inc. goes beyond the stereotype of a babysitting center or the well-known pre-school facade...LULAC Early Childhood Education is a place to develop the entire family from its core of parents, grandparents and community. The importance of early childhood education is pivotal in this day in age. If we want to assure a bright and successful future for our children, their families, and our community, we must begin early.

LULAC of New Haven is a Community Supporter. We use an Intergenerational Approach, alongside Grandparent Volunteers through Family Involvement to achieve Developmental, Academic and Family Success.


"My son started LULAC when he was 10 months, the attentiveness from the teachers and the results from the ASQ's showed that he was behind kids in his age group and we saw he wasn't hearing too well. The teachers at LULAC recommended Birth to Three and we found out he had fluid in both his ears, that's why he wasn't talking  like he should for his age. February 2014 he had surgery to put tubes in his ears, since then he has progressed so well, he is above average for his age group now. I thank his teachers for helping my son."

Parents' Testimonials

A number of the founding teachers still teach at LULAC Head Start, Inc. – a testament to the warmth and spirit of this learning community.

LULAC Head Start Inc operates 10 hours per day. It is open Monday through Friday. The hours of operation are from 7:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Childcare begins promptly at 7:30 AM. The centers are open all year unless closed due to Holiday, scheduled annual shutdowns, inclement weather, or mechanical problems (heating, cooling, plumbing, etc.).

Hours of Operations

Program Overview

Developing Our Children, Families and Community for Life 

LULAC Head Start is governed by two Governing Bodies: 1) volunteer Board of Directors and 2) Policy Committee. Their role is to ensure that the organization’s mission is carried out by reviewing, revising, developing, and monitoring all program policies. They also ensure fiscal responsibility by approving all grants and assessing expenditures.

Our efforts are deeply rooted in the premise that parents are the primary educators of their children and that both language and culture play an important role in this process. Our committed staff, volunteer Board of Directors, community representatives, and parents form a partnership for change.

LULAC has an "open door" policy. This means parents are welcome at all times. You can visit the center, spend time with your child in the classroom, join your child during lunch time or breakfast, etc. We encourage parents to visit and participate in the Center activities and network with other parents. We believe that your involvement is crucial to your child’s success in the future. Parents and teachers who work together can better guide the child through all his/her wonderful stages of life.